What are Gully Tankers?

Before we get into the uses of gully tankers, we must first explain what a gully is. A gully is used to control surface water using drains to collect the water in an underground drainage system. A ...

Sweepers to The Rescue

Due to terrible weather conditions, a local garage flooded and left the site in a terrible mess. The ground was covered in sludge due to

Sweeper Rentals

Would you like to permanently own a sweeper, or do you only need to use it temporarily? If you only need to utilise the equipment

The Benefits of a Sweeper

There is a plethora of different sweepers, each being beneficial in their own way. They can increase productivity and provide a cleaner working environment. These

Sweepers for Sale

Dawson Group have a whole range of sweepers for sale. With a variety of sizes, functions and manufacturers, we have sweepers for every situation. For

Our Vehicles and Services

At Dawsongroup Sweepers we specialise in supplying road sweepers, internal sweepers, scrubbers and other specialist equipment such as gully tankers and tippers to customers. We

What We Do

After our rebrand, we thought it was only fair to give you a thorough insight into what we do. As the UK’s leading supplier of

Extra Visibility Window

Check out this Johnston VT652 to arrive at our Brighouse depot, ready to go into prep! All of our brand new sweepers and RCV’s have

Dawsongroup Rebrand

Dawsongroup Rebrand
Over the last 12 months Dawsonsongroup PLC has been rebranding its business units to give a true reflection of the group’s scope. This change was