Sweepers for Sale

18th November 2019

Sweepers for Sale

Dawson Group have a whole range of sweepers for sale. With a variety of sizes, functions and manufacturers, we have sweepers for every situation. For example, we offer pedestrian, compact and chassis mounted sweepers.


We stock vehicles from the best and most trusted manufacturers. We have vehicles available from brands such as:


• Johnston
• Whale
• Dennis Eagle
• Tennant
• Thompson
• Scarab
• Applied
• Addex
• Farid
• Applied
• Schmidt


We have built a strong relationship with our suppliers. This relationship is beneficial for our customers as it allows us to be more flexible, so if you have a specific requirement, we will be more likely to be able to find a machine that suits you.


We can also offer you our service of manufacturer trained engineers so that in the unlikely case that one of the sweepers you purchase from us breaks, you can be covered by our expert team who achieve a 92% fix rate within 24 hours.


Even if you purchase a sweeper from us, you may not have a qualified driver to operate it. Not to worry. Dawson Group Sweepers can offer driver training. This ensures the vehicles are used in the safest and most efficient manner.


If you are interested in our range of sweepers we have to offer, you can view our collection here. If you have any questions or queries, our friendly team will be happy to help. You can call us on 01484 400111.

Urbaser have worked closely with Dawsongroup for several years and we have found this to be a very strong and successful partnership

Mark Pigott, Business Development Manager, Urbaser

Dawson's provided a professional and informative service from the very first enquiry with excellent product support, essential for us operating our first sweeper within the company

Gary Halford, Plant Manager, Agetur

We've developed a very beneficial relationship, expanding our sweeping operations in the knowledge that we can rely on the quality service and reliability from Dawson's

Paul Atkinson, Fleet & Workshop Manager, Ashcourt Group

For all your cleaning needs, training, up to date equipment use Dawsongroup, professional, competitive, friendly and quick to respond

John Ellis, Environmental Services Manager, Incentive FM