Sweepers to The Rescue

Sweepers to The Rescue

Due to terrible weather conditions, a local garage flooded and left the site in a terrible mess. The ground was covered in sludge due to the flooding, leaving the site looking unappealing and making the surface slippery.


Fortunately, Dawsongroup Sweepers was ready. Two members of our team took a sweeper to the site and cleared the site of sludge, in an effort to assist the local community.


Our flexible sweeper hire terms allow for the most cost-effective solution for the unexpected.
We understand that every company has its fair share of changes in demands. This can be difficult when it comes to leased or purchased assets. With our hiring service, Dawsongroup Sweepers can provide more options to change equipment when requirements change. We can ensure that our services are adapted to your business’ specific operations.


Are you interested in our sweeper hire service? You can enquire today by calling us on 01484 400111 and we can discuss your options. You can browse our range of products that are available to rent by clicking here.




Urbaser have worked closely with Dawsongroup for several years and we have found this to be a very strong and successful partnership

Mark Pigott, Business Development Manager, Urbaser

Dawson's provided a professional and informative service from the very first enquiry with excellent product support, essential for us operating our first sweeper within the company

Gary Halford, Plant Manager, Agetur

We've developed a very beneficial relationship, expanding our sweeping operations in the knowledge that we can rely on the quality service and reliability from Dawson's

Paul Atkinson, Fleet & Workshop Manager, Ashcourt Group

For all your cleaning needs, training, up to date equipment use Dawsongroup, professional, competitive, friendly and quick to respond

John Ellis, Environmental Services Manager, Incentive FM