The Benefits of a Sweeper

11th December 2019

The Benefits of a Sweeper

There is a plethora of different sweepers, each being beneficial in their own way. They can increase productivity and provide a cleaner working environment. These machines are built to clean all conditions, this makes them ideal for both industrial and commercial settings to remove debris, dirt and grime.


Here are some advantages of utilising a sweeper:


  • They can provide a deeper more thorough clean than that of manual methods.
  •  Their mobility can allow the cleaning of large areas in a fraction of the time it would take usually.
  • As they save time, this allows valuable time to be allocated elsewhere in your business.
  • By collecting all the dirt and waste, this allows it to be disposed of in one go.
  • They have a long-life span and are durable, making them a reliable asset to your business.
  • Sweepers are robust and versatile allowing them to function in different environments i.e factories and carparks.


Dawson Group Sweepers can supply a whole range of cleaning vehicles, perfect for a multitude of businesses.  If you are interested in the products we can offer, you can browse or collection here. 


If you would like to enquire or ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by calling on 01484 400111.

Urbaser have worked closely with Dawsongroup for several years and we have found this to be a very strong and successful partnership

Mark Pigott, Business Development Manager, Urbaser

Dawson's provided a professional and informative service from the very first enquiry with excellent product support, essential for us operating our first sweeper within the company

Gary Halford, Plant Manager, Agetur

We've developed a very beneficial relationship, expanding our sweeping operations in the knowledge that we can rely on the quality service and reliability from Dawson's

Paul Atkinson, Fleet & Workshop Manager, Ashcourt Group

For all your cleaning needs, training, up to date equipment use Dawsongroup, professional, competitive, friendly and quick to respond

John Ellis, Environmental Services Manager, Incentive FM