What We Do

What We Do

After our rebrand, we thought it was only fair to give you a thorough insight into what we do. As the UK’s leading supplier of premium municipal and industrial cleaning equipment, for both rental and contract hire, we provide valuable road sweepers across the UK.


The vehicles we supply range from precinct street and pedestrian industrial sweepers through to large chassis-mounted sweepers and specialist vehicles, all of which are available through multiple funding models that protect business capital.


Not only that, but we also supply a wide range of premium quality products in the industry. With a selection of manufacturers to choose from we can guarantee that our clients receive the best possible machine for your requirements. The relationships we have with our manufacturers also mean that we can provide you with invaluable advice on a variety of different models.


Do you want to own it or use it?


We also give our clients the option to either rent or own their vehicles. With rental, you are given options to change equipment as your requirements change. There is a lower rate for exchanging or taking back equipment and if you need to extend your contract, we can give you the option of a contract extension with the same, or a newer machine.


If you decide to purchase, we can provide a full service and maintenance package tailored to suit your needs. Our high standard of service & maintenance then enables the residual value to be at its highest at the end of the vehicle’s life.


Nationwide Coverage


Dawsongroup Sweepers also have nationwide coverage of field service engineers, meaning that wherever your machine breaks down, we can have a response to you within four hours. We also have a 92% 4-hour fix rate, so we can get your machine back on the road the next day. If we can’t get your machine back up and running, we will provide you with a replacement whilst yours is out of service.


For more information on what we do feel free to browse the rest of our website or contact the team on 01484 400111. Our friendly team are readily available to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Urbaser have worked closely with Dawsongroup for several years and we have found this to be a very strong and successful partnership

Mark Pigott, Business Development Manager, Urbaser

Dawson's provided a professional and informative service from the very first enquiry with excellent product support, essential for us operating our first sweeper within the company

Gary Halford, Plant Manager, Agetur

We've developed a very beneficial relationship, expanding our sweeping operations in the knowledge that we can rely on the quality service and reliability from Dawson's

Paul Atkinson, Fleet & Workshop Manager, Ashcourt Group

For all your cleaning needs, training, up to date equipment use Dawsongroup, professional, competitive, friendly and quick to respond

John Ellis, Environmental Services Manager, Incentive FM